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Philanthropy ClubIn 2009, we created The Philanthropy Club Foundation, a project dedicated to changing the age of philanthropy and teaching today’s youth the value and joys of giving without expectations.  The inaugural presentation to five 3rd grade classes occurred in early 2010 at Olivenhain Pioneer Elementary School (OPE). We currently teach in five school districts and have taught thousands of students this valuable lesson.

 A 3-Minute Summary of the Philanthropy Club Foundation:

Below are some of the nonprofit organizations receiving funding from The Philanthropy Club Foundation’s projects:

More Information about The Philanthropy Club Foundation:

  • Educate today’s youth about philanthropy and how to become a philanthropist
  • Clearly differentiate between giving with expectations and giving with no expectations
  • Demonstrate that philanthropy includes giving of your time or your talent or your treasure
  • Teach how to be personally responsible for decisions on why, where and how to give
  • Illustrate using examples of notable philanthropists, both local and national
  • Introduce local nonprofit organizations to students to consider for their donations
  • Kids and their parents evaluate and decide which nonprofits will receive donations
  • The Foundation provides money for each classroom to donate to the selected nonprofit organizations

The Philanthropy Club Foundation is formed under and is a fund of the Coastal Community Foundation (  Donations are made directly to CCF on behalf of The Philanthropy Club Foundation .  The Coastal Community Foundation was founded in 1987 to serve muliple needs throughout the north coastal San Diego County.

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